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Mike's piano

Mike has been working on restoring a reproducing player piano for years (and years!).  He only tends to work on it during the winter, since there are just so many other things that need doing during the summer.  But all the hard work has finally paid off and he has it working.  There are still some work left to be done, but we were all so happy for him that the end is now in sight!

Video of the piano in action

Sorry guys...I tried to embed this video, but even after correcting the wonky url, it was making the entire screen go white.  No idea why.

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Cyndi that is sooooo freaking cool!!! I especially love the "fingers" over on the right rolling the rollers.... what a great piano!
Cyndi L said…
I know, huh? Mike has it working now so that he doesn't have to hold the controls in place anymore. Each week, he fixes something else...
I think you can try with youtube..just put your video on youtube, then copy and paste the embeded code into your post.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, that's what I did, but there is something in the code of this particular video which is not playing nicely with my site :-)