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Sepia photo quilt - part two

I can't believe that I set this quilt aside for sooooo long!  I started it back in August 2012, completed the layout, and then just stalled.  So here's a link to "Part one", if I'm even allowed to call it that!  That post shows you how to turn your photos into sepia prints using Photoshop.  And now, please allow me to pick up from there...

I took these shots of Mike during our trip to Hawai'i, and the fabrics came from a wonderful shop on the Big Island, called Kimura Fabrics.  I wanted to make a very personal quilt that would be a scrapbookish reminder of our trip.

1. Cut out fabric pieces for the top and arrange them with slight overlaps.  I used 4 large rectangles as you see above.

2. Cut out "windows" in each rectangle for pictures to slip under.

3. Cut out batting.  I cut it larger than the pieced top would be so that I could do the "wrap and tuck" binding method.

4. Stitch the pieced top and the pictures to the batting and to each other using embroidery floss in a blanket stitch.  Do NOT stitch the outside edges, and keep all the stitching 1/4 to 1/2 inch back from the pieced edges.

5. Cut a piece of backing fabric, making it large enough to wrap and tuck.  Stitch some quilting lines though the entire quilt as desired.

6. Wrap the backing fabric up and over the batting and tuck it under the edges of the pieced top.  Blanket stitch it into place.  I didn't miter the corners of this one, although I usually do.  I decided to go for a more rustic look this time, in keeping with the fabrics and the theme.  

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Laura Thykeson @ said…
i am really loving your work here! I really like the sepia tones with the patterns of the fabric you have used. Great job!
Cherie Burbach said…
I love the idea that this is kind of like a scrapbook! Very interested in this project.
I remember when you started this. How wonderful to see the beautiful result. Ditto what Cherie said - a terriic Memento of an amazing trip.
Cyndi L said…
Those Hawaiian prints were really challenging for me to use!