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Leftover batting pieces - part two

Today, it's waxed paper!  Yup, waxed paper makes a really interesting top layer on quilt batting, and when it's fused onto batting, you can easily add stitching or other quilting effects.  Without a layer of fused batting...not so much!

1. Follow the directions from last week to cut your batting and fusible web.  Tear off a piece of waxed paper that is bigger than the other layers.

2. Crumble the waxed paper and spread it back out with your hands.

3. Using parchment paper to protect your iron and the board, iron the waxed paper to the fusible web and cut to the same size.

4. Slowly add layers of thinned acrylics (I used Quinacridone red) and allow it to seep through the waxed paper.  I hit the edges with some extra paint where they could soak it up better.  Iron to heat set the paint.


5. Dry brush or use your fingers to add some metallic color to the high points.  I used iridescent copper.  Iron again to set.

Part one - stitched flimsy fabric
Part two - waxed paper
Part three - paper towel
Part four - foil two ways

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This is a new technique to me. Does the wax paper stay in place? The effect is lovely, Cyndi.
Cyndi L said…
Yes! It absolutely does as long as you use a thin fusible web under it. And you can sew through it, which is really cool :-)