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Leftover batting pieces - part three

This week, I want to show you the prettiest but easiest piece that I made from my leftover batting pieces.  It was the fastest too!  But only because I never throw ANYthing out!

1. Cut batting and fusible web pieces according to the instructions in part one.

2. I have a treasure trove of paper towels sitting in my studio which are already covered with interesting paint designs.  These are towels that I used to clean up after other projects...extra points for recycling!!  Eventually they all get used, but if they start to build up too much, I switch to using a sponge for cleanup for awhile.  Iron the paper towel flat, and make sure you've only got one layer.

3. Iron the towel to the top of the fusible and trim to size.  It's great to be able to stitch on these otherwise delicate surfaces.  If you've got enough batting scraps, make a batch of these for future projects.  

Part one - stitched flimsy fabric
Part two - waxed paper
Part three - paper towel
Part four - foil two ways

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Ohhhhh Cyndi, don't you just LOVE the paint paper towels? They do develop such interesting designs, love using them in my work whenever I can too!
Cyndi L said…
And June, this one just happens to be in your favorite colors too!
Cherie said…
I love this so much: "I have a treasure trove of paper towels sitting in my studio"....

You really know how to use everything! I never would have thought to save those! You're awesome.
I've been saving my painted paper towels since I first saw the idea here. It has helped push me more into mixed media which I was quite hesitant about. Thank you, Cyndi!