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Leftover batting pieces - part one

Because of the number of small and unusually sized art quilts I make each year, I found that I had quite a pile of leftover batting pieces sitting on my shelf.  Too small for most of my projects, too big to throw out.  And you know our motto around here...don't throw ANYthing out!  Not only is that just when you'll need it, but it's also wasteful.  So I decided to cut out some postcard-sized pieces of batting and see how many techniques I could get through in half a work day.

Yup, that's it...just four hours, only using materials I already had.  Bonus points for recycled stuff.  And the tops had to be materials that you wouldn't otherwise be able to stitch on easily!

Up above is what I got, and I'm pretty happy with it, because all the pieces are usable.  I know there are only five, but I did add stitching to one of them, so I should get a few extra points for that, huh...?  

Here's how I made this one:

1. Cut a piece of batting and a piece of fusible web to size.  In my case, the size was 6 x 4 inches.

2. Cut a piece of textured fabric or paper to the same size.  This fabric would be too flimsy to stitch on by itself because of the open holes throughout, but it gives the top of the piece a great texture.  Iron the textured fabric to the batting, using the fusible web.  I use parchment paper above and below the fabric "sandwich".

3.  Using a heavy weight embroidery yarn, stitch designs through the sandwich.

4. Here is a close up of my running stitches and french knots.

5. Paint the fabric with acrylics, very thin.  I used yellow ochre.  Let it dry and heat set it with the iron (using parchment paper).

6. Add color to the stitching if desired.  I used a fuchsia Inktense pencil, dipping it into water as needed.

7. Using a small stencil brush, work the color into the top layer to smear it slightly.  Although Inktense do not need to be heat set, I did it anyway, just to be sure.  

Part one - stitched flimsy fabric
Part two - waxed paper
Part three - paper towel
Part four - foil two ways

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Shoshi said…
These are really great! It's amazing what you can do with what you've already got, isn't it. I'd love to know how the other ones were done, too!
Cherie said…
Wow, you amaze me. Once again I would have never thought to do this!
Cyndi L said…
Shoshi, not to worry! I'll be writing up instructions for all of them :-)
Tammy said…
That is a fun idea for a self-challenge.