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The town of Orvieto...our first full day

Quaint and picturesque don’t even begin to describe Orvieto! Every corner you turn, there’s another picture postcard just waiting to be snapped :-)

As narrow as these streets are (and as steep!), the cars do go both directions…and at break-neck speeds. Interestingly, you rarely hear horns being used.

The chocolate shop!

The corner near Dani’s favorite cafe, where she bought her cappuccinos every morning. And where she watched Italy kick butt in the Euro-Cup matches :-)

The best pottery shop in Orvieto (I’ll show you the goods later!)

The artisan’s street near the Duomo. This is the only “touristy” area in Orvieto.

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liniecat said…
Gosh it looks delightful.thanks for a peep into a lovely alternative culture! Plenty darn car horns to be heard outside my home........all hours of the blessed day and night!
Shel said…
Oh Cyndi - these are fabulous pictures! My sis and I are going to Tuscany this fall. I hope the tiny town we're staying in looks this amazing. Thanks for sharing.
Cyndi L said…
Shel, I honestly don't think that there are anything BUT cute towns in Tuscany and Umbria :-)

Lyn, sorry to hear about the that you're back from Spain, you need to go to Italy!!
Loved the photos. They brought back memories of my too brief visit there a few years ago. How I would love to spend at least a month in Italy. Thanks.