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More Orvieto...the food

The Chocolate shop that Dani loves

The Orvietani take their food seriously! Breakfast is usually a light affair, followed by the main meal at noonish (dinner). Most have just a light snack at around 8 pm for supper. We decided to follow suit as much as possible while in Italy. It took a few days for us to adjust not only to the time change but also to the altered eating pattern.

Tiramisu and gelato…what could be better. Obviously the tiramisu didn’t last long!

Gelato is made with milk instead of cream, and it is a cup (or cone) full of soft deliciousness, eaten with a very small spoon.

Despite the fact that we had more-or-less the eating tour of Italy, I lost weight. Ingredients are fresh and natural. Sugar is sugar, and there isn’t corn syrup or salt added to everything you eat. Nothing processed. What a treat! I loved the food, the markets, the small cafes and the larger restaurants…all of it.

We ate quite a bit of fresh produce in Orvieto, because we knew that once we hit Venice and Rome, our pace would pick up and we’d run out of market options.

Dani (in purple) did our buying for us

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