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Pointillism suggestion from a reader

A couple years ago, I posted a tutorial for using the pointillism filter in photoshop to create a neat portrait effect.  Then just a short while back, L00ty left a comment about another method, which I thought I should share here.    

L00ty said:

    I had to do a pointillism effect on a background for a comic-book style piece. After trying a few different ways, including this one, I eventually hit on just the right thing:

    Open up a new file 4 pixels by 4 pixels, with a white background. Save this as a pattern. then go back to the image you want to pointillise and colour a layer in with the main colour (in my case light blue). then open blending options on that layer and select pattern overlay. Choose your point pattern and voila!

    You can experiment with the scale for different size dots but I found the default one just perfect :)

Using the same source picture as above, this is what I got:

Thank you, L00ty, for sharing your method!

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