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Venice has a series of squares or piazzes that are connected by long narrow alley-ways. These alleys can either be stone or water, and when you are a stranger to the region, you’re never quite sure which will greet you as you round each corner. Or whether there will even be a corner to go ’round! Several times we made our way down a long alley, only to find that it dead-ended.

I’m sure you think we were idiots to have this happen more than once, but you honestly cannot tell if the “street” turns or not until you get to the end. Almost every buildable square inch of the city has been built, and that leaves the “streets” as a complete jumble. The guide book suggested just starting to wander and not worrying about where you were going…you really can’t get too lost. And it’s true! You’ll eventually stumble upon another piazza, and then you can find where you are on a map.

Yes, this building really is as crooked as it looks. That’s what happens when everything is build on top of shifting sand!

Venice is a great city for lovers…the narrow alleys force you to walk close to each other!

It’s also a great city for talking with your neighbors without using the telephone!

The residential area really is gorgeous, in a shabby, sun-soaked, and water-stained sort of a way. Wherever the “important” buildings are, there are also scaffolds and cranes. Venice is constantly being propped up, and there are areas where you can jump on the flagstones and get squirted by water. Hmmm…

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Lynda said…
I've really been enjoying your pictures. It's good to see Venice through your eyes. When we were there I was so looking forward to seeing it and it rained the whole time. It is a beautiful place. Thanks for the tour!