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More Orvieto...the walls

The town of Orvieto is a fortress built on a hill, with walls all around it. Mike and I took a walk around part of it, and Mike agreed to be in the picture just to give you a sense of the scale.

There were these crazy blackbirds all over the place who lived in chinks in the walls.

There’s my cutie pie again!

As you can see, the countryside surrounding the town is just gorgeous. There are grape arbors, olive groves, and cypress trees everywhere. Not so many cypress in this shot, but all the land is very lush.

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MB Shaw said…
Wowzers, it is fabulously beautiful! I will visit Orvieto in 2013 and I can.not.wait!!! Great blog, by the way :)
Cyndi L said…
Oh you are going to LOVE it!!
LivesArt said…
Wow, very, very nice!