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Buying a copier for image transfers (reader question)

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Hi, Just found your site and already you have answered some of my questions! I am getting into transfers on fabric and it is going well. I have a inkjet copier but some transfer methods call for a copying machine. I have a old one that is just black and white. I am ready to purchase a new one but have no idea what to buy. Can you recommend a copy machine for this kind of work? Do they come in color? I am guessing there is a different in the ink used. Can you explain?

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Hi Gloria, thanks for your question.  I'm sure there are others who wonder this too, and maybe a reader will have a better answer than me.  In fact, I hope they do, because my only information for you is to make sure you get a toner-based copier.  Some of the newer ones use a different process, and that means that the transfer methods designed specifically for toner prints will not work!  Inkjets transfer one way, and toner prints a different way...each of my image transfer tutorials specifies which one is needed, or at least they should!

As for color copies, I don't know what to tell you.  They must still be toner based in order to transfer the way you've been doing it.  Hopefully one of my astute readers will have a recommendation.  In the absence of that, all I can suggest is that you insist of being able to do a test with a copy before you buy the machine.

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I was faced with a similar situation when my old printer died, so I ended up buying a very cheap mono laser printer. Here in Australia they are under $50 now which is cheaper than refilling an inkjet printer! Colour lasers can be as low as double that. Toner is heat set, and this is the major difference between ink jet and toner based transfers. As long as the old photocopier is toner based, there is no need to replace it until you run out of supplies or it stops working, in which case it should be much cheaper to replace it than refill it.
I also later purchased an Epson inkjet printer because they use a different type of ink that is pigment based, not dye based so far more stable, however I was also able to make successful transfers using my old Brother printer with cheap refills as long as I left the prints to thoroughly dry and set for a couple of weeks before use.
This gives a couple of options to think about; transfer instructions are not always set in stone and there can be very successful work-arounds.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you so very very much for taking the time and trouble to share this information. Mixed media people are the BEST in the world!