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Autumn walk

We're sad to find that this fall in New England is just not going to be up to par when it comes to color.  We had flooding rains all spring, no rain all summer, and the trees are just too stressed to be at their best.  That also explains the poor apple crop this year :-(

Mike and I went for a really nice walk last week, but we found that almost as soon as the leaves turned, they also fell, so there just weren't the drifts of color that we're used to.  Especially absent are the bright reds.  Oh well, hopefully next year will be better. 

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What spectacular color you do have though! Ours are mostly just turning brown and falling off, the weatherman this morning told us that we are 10 inches behind on rain, and this summer was our hottest ever on record, so our trees are stressing as well. For me, it just makes the ones that are colorful all that much more spectacular.
Cyndi L said…
Yeah, it seems it was a rough summer all over! We've got great color, it's just all on the ground instead of hanging out in the trees for a few days :-)
Cyndi, you got some great shots despite it not being your typical autumn.