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Van Gogh style flowers

I got to take an artist date to the National Gallery of Art recently, and as usual, I spent more time in the impressionists and post-impressionists wing than anywhere else.  It got me to thinking about the graphic swirly style that Van Gogh developed, and I decided to see if I could figure out a way to approximate it with my beloved Photoshop. 

Start with an image that has been photographed against a solid colored background. 

1. Duplicate image and select the background on the copy using the magic wand.
2. Create a new blank layer and click on layer mask.
3. Unlink the thumbnail and the mask.
4. Fill background with a solid color.
5. Select flower in layer 1 and use Cntrl j to make new layer.  Move to top of layer stack.
6. Select background.  Paint with thin squiggles of ligher color.

7. Apply filter > distort > twirl over and over to background, overlapping.
8. Apply filter > artistic > poster edges.

9. Select flower layer.  Apply poster edges and stroke with black. 

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I spent more than an hour inspecting a Van Gogh recently at the Cincy Art Museum. I am endlessly fascinated by his work, and all the more when you can actually see it a few inches in front of you. This turned out very, very well... great job!
Genevieve said…
Wow! That really came out great!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks! Nobody is going to mistake it for the real thing, but my idea was to just try to get a rough approximation of the style :-)
Limarea said…
Oo, this is nice, love it! :)
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Limar! I think the technique has some potential :-)
Very cool, Cyndi. That swirly Van Gogh look really draws the eye.