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Rusty nail fabric

A couple of years ago, I shared with you some of my adventures in making rusted fabrics. Once you start down this path, it's hard to stop!

We recently had part of our roof redone, and while the estimate was being prepared, our roofer found an old bundle of rusty nails sitting up there from the last guy who ventured up, about 12 years ago! He brought them down with him and offered to throw them out for us. To my amazement, both Mike and I yelled "No!" at the same moment! It does my heart good to know that my Love is so in tune with my inner junk collector :-)

In honor of our new roof, I have made some new fabrics. If you haven't tried this technique before, please please please have a go at it. It's so easy, it's ridiculous!

Follow the instructions from my previous post on Making Rusted Fabrics

Here I tried a little experiment, placing the rusted objects on top of the fabric instead of under. It failed miserably. No matter how much vinegar I kept pouring over the nails, no appreciable amount of rust would transfer this way.   I ended up having to flip it over and add more vinegar.

Coming next week:
Adding paint to the fabric

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liniecat said…
Try it with balsamic vinegar goes much darker and smells divine!
Love the effect youve achieved. I have a bag of rusty nails somewhere now I come to think of it.
I bought them at a car boot already rusted together!
I wonder where they are......!
(ps. theres a foil giveaway over on my blog for Oct 17th if your interested!)
Cyndi L said…
Ooooo...balsamic vinegar! But how will I keep myself from slurping it up? lol!!

A foil giveaway? Gotta check that out, thanks :-)
Njeri said…
This is the first time I have heard of using rusted nails on fabric (deliberately that is, am not talking about the rust stains that are so annoying) thank you for sharing.
I am enjoying looking around your blog, am new here.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks for visiting, Jackie! Rust can be so much fun when it shows up in the *right* places :-)