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Altered books - Doors and other flaps

For a really fine example of multi-layered flaps, take a look back at Elaine Crowe's Halloween spread.  A common image to use is a door, as I've shown above.  It's fairly easy to see how a flap is made; the only tricky thing is deciding how to attach it. 

Materials and tools list from Part One

1. Prepare your book page that will have the flap attached to it.  If you want multiple layers, plan out carefully how they will stack up and where it will be best to attach them. 

2. Prepare the flap.  Make sure that it will be the right size and shape to cover the secret that lurks below.  It's important for there to be some sort of "pay-off" when you introduce an interactive element like a flap.  In Elaine's book, there is a visual surprise which makes it worth opening!

3. Although you can attach part of your flap directly to the spread with glue, staples, or by other means, the piece will eventually weaken along the fold line that you have to make.  To avoid this, use a thin but strong material as a hinge, gluing it to the back of the flap and to the spread.  I have used Tyvek, cloth, and mulberry paper all with good success. 

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Limarea said…
That's a cool idea. Lovely door you have there :)
Cyndi L said…
Thanks! Don't miss how Elaine layered her's really cool :-)
Michelle said…
I love doing doors and flaps - it takes me back to my childhood with any sort of lift-the-flap books, full of mystery and surprise.
Lovely. Interactive elements are so enticing. Are you going to share the surprise that waits behind the door ;-)
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Michelle and Eileen! Nope, not right now's really personal :-)