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A woven fabric background

I've had a boring piece of fabric kicking around in my pile for awhile now.  Months ago, I made a piece of snow painted fabric  specifically for a particular quilt I was working on.  After cutting out the one little tiny piece I needed, the rest of the fabric has been calling my name ever since, begging to be used.  But it was kind of boring.  Sorry, but it's true...not everything we make is exciting, at least not right away!

What I finally decided to do with it was to turn it into a grid of sorts.  Ripped into strips and woven with a plain unpainted piece of fabric, I thought it might end up being more interesting.  The top thread could be any color, depending upon how obvious you want your grid to be.  I wanted mine to be clear, but not distracting.  Why?  I don't know yet, since I still don't know what I'm going to use this for. 

I've already shared the basic steps to making a paper weaving, and that's what you'll follow to make a piece like this, substituting fabric.

1. Follow the instructions for Paper Weaving to create your fabric grid.

2. Slide a piece of natural cotton batting under your weaving and pin everything in place.

3. Zig zag stitch in both directions.

4. Rip the ends of the strips so approximately the same length if desired, and cut thebatting layer close to edge so it doesn't show from the front.

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Dolores said…
I really must remember to try this. It could be the foundation for something. Or, like you did, take a piece of something you find boring or even perhaps ugly; match it with a plain and start weaving.
I love that you went and did this without any idea what you would use it for. Seems like a great way to spark some creativity.

I'm going to give that a try.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! And here, days later, I *still* don't know what the grid is for. But at least it's not just plain fabric any longer :-)
Limarea said…
This I must try, it's really beautiful! :)
Cyndi L said…
You could make your grid big enough to stitch on some of your gorgeous ATCs, Limar!