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En Pointe - an alcohol ink painting and tutorial

Cyndi Lavin, 2018

Just like Fire on High and Tempest, this piece was done using the wet into dry technique with alcohol ink.

Drip your alcohol ink colors onto a dry background and let them dry, or at least mostly dry.  Using 91% rubbing alcohol in a squeeze bottle, add the solvent to one small area at a time, manipulating the running inks with a blower.  You can use a hair dryer (set on cool), canned air, a heat gun (at a distance), or even just a straw.

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Robbie said…
This is stunning! I see so many 'things' in this art work!!! Glancing quickly I even see a person! Wow, wow, wow!!!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Robbie! I was going to call it "Dancing", but a friend came up with the more specific name for the ballet style, and it seemed perfect!