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Water Sprite - an alcohol ink painting and tutorial

Cyndi Lavin, 2018

Following in the tradition of En PointeFire on High and Tempest, this piece was done using the wet into dry technique with alcohol ink.  I used some discreet dots of ink near the top, and swirled them around a bit near the bottom before allowing them to dry completely. 

Then, using 91% rubbing alcohol in a squeeze bottle, I dripped the solvent onto one small area at a time, manipulating the running inks by blowing through a straw.  You can use a hair dryer (set on cool), canned air, or a heat gun (at a distance) instead, but the straw will give you those really interesting spots.  This is because of spittle!  It takes longer to dry than the alcohol, so the little dots end up having concentrated color.  If you don't like the dots, choose a different air source, because it's pretty much impossible not to spit on your piece!  :-D

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