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Semi-controlled wet-in-wet method with alcohol inks – a tutorial

Alcohol inks can be used in a similar way to watercolors, where they are dripped and manipulated on a wet substrate.  In this case, it would be wet with either 91% rubbing alcohol or a blending solution.  But there is a variation on this method that I want to show you, because you can get just a bit more control over what happens with just a slight change in technique!

Put your rubbing alcohol into a squeeze bottle and use it to make a design line on your page.  Right next to this line, but not quite touching, add lines and/or drops of alcohol inks.  Then use a straw, a hair dryer, or a heat gun to sharply blow the inks up into the rubbing alcohol line.  Manipulate them as desired and let them dry slightly.  Add more lines and more ink as desired, working either in from the other edge of the paper, or continuing along the edge of the inks already added.

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