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Falling Further In - an acrylic pour mixed media painting tutorial

Falling Further In
Cyndi Lavin, 2018

I have been trying some different swipe methods with my acrylic pours, and I recently stumbled onto a technique that I REALLY like.  A lot!  Here's what I did:

1. Since I was just experimenting, I used an old masonite board that already had some dried puddles on it.  You can see the rough surface in the middle.  After painting the background with Black gesso, I added my paints on the diagonal as you can see.  The basic formula for all of the paints is as follows:
1 part heavy bodied acrylic paint
2 parts GAC100
9 to 12 parts Floetrol or GAC800
Dash of 91% rubbing alcohol
Spray of silicone (except in the base color, white)

2. Here are the colors I used: Titanium white, Medium magenta, Hansa yellow light, Cobalt teal, Dioxazine purple

3. I used an old plastic card to drag the paint from the center towards one corner.

4. I added more paint and swiped it towards the opposite corner.

5. After living with it for awhile (and letting it dry completely), I chose an orientation and applied a paper mask to the piece.  Outside of the mask was hit by some thinned White gesso with a foam roller.  The black lines are waterproof India ink.

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