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Painted globe

When I found Laura's site, Wild & Free Designs, it was just in the nick of time!  As often happens in the springtime, I had been going through a short but deadly burst of "clean it all up and throw it all the heck out" fever.  And my beautiful globe almost fell prey to that impulse.

My DH bought me the globe for my birthday one year, many many moons ago when there was still a Soviet Union and a divided Germany.  Alas, the globe had ceased being useful, but it was still so pretty, and I hated to throw it out.  I thought about painting it and repurposing it, but couldn't quite come up with anything.  So I did what everyone does these days...I turned to google.

Typing "painted globe" into google images, I learned that many people were trying their hand at redecorating the world, but no one was doing it better than Laura.  So I dove right in, and while I'm very happy with how my globe came out, I would do one thing differently if I had it to do over: I would crowd the writing so that more or less the whole phrase could be read from one angle.  My phrase is "For God so loved the world", but you can only see it all if you spin the globe.

Which I guess is alright anyway!

The how-tos:
1. I chose to do the writing first and then paint around it.  You could easily do it the other way, but make sure you use a marker pen that won't get clogged up by acrylic paints.  I used a Sakura Permopaque in black.

2. Sponge acrylic colors around your phrase, covering as much or as little of the rest of the globe as you want.

3. Touch up your writing if needed.

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What a great idea! I love the phrase you chose and thinks it's good that viewers have to spin the globe in order to read it all. That really adds impact to the saying.
Cyndi L said…
Eileen, I agree with you in this case, but I think that I'll probably try to squish the phrase together more if I do another one...with a different saying, of course! Thanks for looking :-)