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Fish image transfer

I have many photos of fish skeletons that I took at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and the stark contrast in them made me think that they might make a pretty good image transfer.  I wanted to try something just a little different, so I came up with a variation on one of my favorite methods, the Inkjet to Fabric Transfer.  The major difference was that I wanted to add paint and gesso to the fabric first, hoping to get a grainier result...and it worked!

1. Cut cloth to size and iron.

2. Spray with water and paint with yellow ochre.  Top with white gesso and spread around.

3. Sponge with quinacridone gold.  Let dry.

4. Size the image and print out on an inkjet tranparency sheet.

5. Stroke on a light coat of liquid polymer medium where the image transfer will go and quickly place the image down on the fabric, burnishing the back.  Pull off the transparency before it dries to the cloth.

6. Let the image dry thoroughly before using in a project.

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Robbie said…
How cool!!!! This turned out really neat!!! A must try sometime!!! Thanks for sharing!