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Crafts with Katherine and Julianna

We had a vacation, all-too-short, with our grands at the beginning of the month.  It was lovely to have long summer days to spend getting to know them better, doing projects with them, and finding out that the baby likes to draw!!

Above is a picture of Katherine after we went on a highly successful treasure-seeking walk.  We added some of our treasures to plastic bottles with colored sand.

Another day we visited the Rochester Museum of Play in Rochester NY.  What a great time!  There were all kinds of activities to try and crafts to do.

Back at the homefront, Grampy discovered that Little Miss has a thing for crayons.  She's just a bit over a year, so we're pretty pleased.  We've got one picture of Dani at 9 months drawing, so maybe this is a good sign...?

We also did fridge magnets, but I forgot to take a picture!

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