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Book review: Water-Based Texturing

Tucker Stouch has a clear purpose in her book Water-Based Texturing, released recently by Schiffer Publishing, and that purpose is to teach you how to emulate the textures all around you, particularly natural ones, by using water media and tools that are readily found in craft or hardware stores.  She begins with a brief description of the products and tools she uses the most, plus a list of resources and a discussion of the importance of texture in art.  From there, it's one gorgeous technique after another!

The majority of the book is given over to step-by-step instructions for the various samples she shares.  Tucker uses a consistent wood panel so that you can compare the techniques in a meaningful way, but she also shows you many examples of the techniques used on other materials.  As you would expect with a Schiffer book, the photos are beautiful and will inspire you to want to push the limits of the ideas shared as well.

The instructions are simple and clearly written.  My personal favorites are the various crackle techniques, impasto using spackling paste and caulk, and frottage.  Oh, and by the way, have you ever painted with marbles?  :-)   

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