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Book reviews: two new quilting books

Civil War Legacies II by Carol Hopkins

Like the first volume of Civil War Legacies, Carol's book feature small-sized scrap quilts made with reproduction fabrics.  Each project takes you through how to make the blocks, starting with yardage needed and cutting instructions, and then moves on to assembly.  Although I'm not a traditional block quilt kind of quilter, I found many of these really appealing, though perhaps in different colors for me!  I particularly liked Gettysburg Sun, shown below:

You Can Quilt It by Deborah M Poole

Deborah teaches all the ins and outs of  free-motion quilting designs.  You'll learn how to use templates, rulers, stencils, and registration lines to keep your quilting patterns even.  She includes both traditional and original designs:

Photography credits: Martingale, Brent Kane

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Dolores said…
Thanks for the review. I like the Gettysburg sun block too.