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Tree texture quilt - part two

Funny enough, this quilt is not going to have anything to do with trees!

I received a fat quarter of my new texture design from Spoonflower and spent a few days just staring at it.  That's right...I had no prior idea what I was going to actually do with the fabric once it arrived.  All I knew was how I wanted to paint it, but nothing else!

After awhile, an idea began to slowly take shape, and I cut out one large panel to paint.  Once painted and heat set, I cut them into thirds.  Here they are, painted with a graduted wash of anthraquinone blue acrylics.

The next step ws to cut out some moons for the three square panels.  I didn't back the panels with fusible interfacing this time, but I did back the moons.

I cut some natural cotton batting squares (slightly bigger as you can see) to back the panels and pinned the moons in place.  Then it was time to start messing around with position.

It's almost time to get to the favorite part!

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Lynda said…
I am really enjoying this process. Can't wait to see how this project ends up. Thanks for the inspiration.
Cherie said…
This is so interesting, Cyndi. Enjoying what you're doing here.
Robbie said…
This piece is just getting more and more interesting by the minute!!