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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reader question: facebook

hi miss lavin,
your work is adorable. i am really inspired . can you have any page about
mixed media on facebook ? plz tell me where is

Hi Mawra,
Thank you so much for your lovely note!  I hope that you will always stay inspired to create!  I don't have a facebook page specifically for Mixed Media Artist, but I have a personal page and a page for Beading Arts.  I hope you'll consider becoming friends on facebook :-)

Cyndi Lavin on facebook
Beading Arts on facebook

Best ~

PS ~ That goes for the rest of you too!  Please friend me if you want more smart aleck stuff.  "Like" the Beading Arts page if you don't!

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Shel said...

I love the 'smart aleck' stuff you put out there on FB - cracks me up all the time!! ;-)

Cyndi L said...

LOL! Thanks Shel :-)

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