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Reader question: using newspaper

Awhile back, I received a question from my friend Eileen who was trying to help out one of her own readers.  I'm sure you know Eileen...she's The Artful Crafter!  The link goes to the post she wrote to help her reader.  

Do you sometimes use old newspapers in your mixed media? If yes, what media do you use to adhere and as a topcoat? Does the print on the backside show through? If yes, how do you avoid it?
Thanks for any help!

Hi Eileen,
Yes, I love using newspapers, but the paper is very acidic so I'm always careful to coat it on both sides with polymer medium before adding it to any piece.  I usually use either the liquid medium or a slightly heavier gel medium (Golden's brand).  Sometimes the print on the back shows through a bit, but I don't mind it.  If you use two-part resin instead, the paper becomes very translucent and the writing, on both sides, is almost the only thing that's very cool.  If you really don't want the backside print to show at all, your best bet is to xerox to newspaper onto tinted paper, but that kind of defeats the purpose of recycling!  However, it gives you better longevity, because even coated newspaper will break down eventually.  Gotta decide according to your own priorities, I think.

Best ~

Eileen's post:

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Thank you for the help and the great tips, Cyndi.

I've been trying some of your techniques myself. What fun!
Cherie said…
Another great tip. Thank you!
Wendy said…
thanks for this, it looks interesting... I'd love to try my hand at mixed media but I don't know where to start!