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Painted fabric quilt - part four

Last week, I showed you the process of piecing my painted silk quilt.  My next step was to add paint embellishments to the surface; this included adding interference paint with a dry brush around some leaves up near the top of the quilt, and adding a very light application of copper foil to some of the lower (and darker) pieces of fabric.  

As soon as all top-stitching and embellishing was complete, it was time to square the quilt off a bit and pin the edges.  I decided not to cut all the fabrics exactly even with each other, but rather to allow the outer edge to be just a bit ragged.

I added a backing fabric, re-pinning the edges.  This backing is the only commercial fabric in the entire piece, and next I clipped the batting and backing even with the top.  

 Here's what the backing fabric looks like.  You can see that most of the edges have now been stitched with a single strand of light-colored embroidery floss, using the same blanket stitch as I used for the piecing. 

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This is so pretty, Cyndi. I've been following your progress and am just dying (get it? dye-ing. lol) to see the finished piece.