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Painted fabric quilt - part three

After I finalized the placement of all the fabrics, I began to pin them down.  I used all raw edges in this quilt.  

Starting with the top-most pieces of fabric, I stitched each down through all lower layers of silk and also through the cotton batting of the middle layer.  I used a single strand of embroidery floss, either cotton or silk depending upon the color, and added a blanket stitch all around the outside of each piece.  The silk in the photo above was heavily salted as it dried in the sun to get that effect.  

This is one of my favorite pieces from the painting session.  I sunprinted the fabric using some of our ferns.  I liked the results so much that this is the piece that became the focal point of the quilt once it was torn down to size.  

The dark turquoise piece above and the dark pink below are two of the fabrics that I painted to fill in what was missing.  The turquoise fabric was sunprinted with round aquarium glass pieces to get the bubble look.  The dark pink piece is another example of heavy salting with kosher salt while the piece dried in the sun.

Next week, we continue!

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Looks very pretty so far. I'll be following your progress, Cyndi.