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Book review: Masters - Art Quilts vol 2

This is the best inspirational book that I've read in a long long time.

There, I said it!  I am so blessed to get to see many many mixed media art books as they are published, and all of them have something to recommend them.  There are always new techniques to learn, new materials to try, new artists to be inspired by.  But it's been forever since there was a book that took my breath away as much as this one.

Masters: Art Quilts vol 2 is just stuffed full of gorgeous images.  Even if that's all it was, I would still want it.  But there's so much more.  Each featured artist, and there are 40 of them, talks about his or her creative process, training, inspirations, materials, specially developed techniques, and vision for future work.  You won't want to dash through this volume too quickly, but rather savor it over several evenings, preferably with a cuppa tea or a glass of wine.

There are only a few of the artists who are featured that I even had heard of.  Maybe I'd know more of them if I traveled more in art quilting fact I'm sure I would, because they are all just amazing.  From ethereal abstracts to photographically real images, every style you can imagine is represented, and represented very well.  I do not think you'll be disappointed with this beautiful book if you chose to give it a home on your coffee table for awhile!  This is a Lark Publication, so be prepared to be dazzled by the color reproductions of the quilts.

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Anonymous said…
It looks incredible! I've added it to my wish list :).
Stay inspired!
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