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Painted fabric quilt - part five

 As Daylight Fades
3' x 2'

Here are the last few steps to finishing off the quilt.  The photo above shows the edges as even, but they aren't completely straight.  Where blocks of silk fabric stuck out unevenly on the edges, I allowed them to stay that way and cut the backing fabric to match. 

Pin the quilt top and batting to the backing fabric and cut it to match. 

Using one strand of embroidery floss, in one of the lighter colors (light blue), blanket stitch around the outside.  You can see in the photo above how I allowed the uneven blocks of fabric to stay that way. 

Pick some spots around the back of the quilt to add buttons for stability.  I stitched through all the layers, aiming to stitch around a seam on the front and adding the button to the back.  Stitching around the seam does two things: it helps to hide the extra stitch on the front, and it gives it a bit more strength rather than stitching through a single layer of delicate silk.  I usually add about 5 or 6 buttons for a quilt this size.


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It's lovely, Cyndi. What is the actual size? The colors are so soothing. I could stare at that quilt for hours.
Cyndi L said…
It's 3 x 2'. Just the right size to be useless except on a wall ;-) Thanks for the kind words, Eileen!
That turned out absolutely wonderful Cyndi! I love the colors and how great they all look together!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you June :-)
Limarea said…
Hi Cyndi! Long time no see :D What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! Really nice colours. Now I must go and look at all the steps in this journey :)
Cyndi L said…
Great to see you! I've got to come visit and see what you've been up to lately :-)
Cindy Gimbrone said…
Lovely colors in your quilt Cyndi! How wonderfully multi-talented you are! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Beautiful! Haven't been quilting much lately but I'm inspired to pick up the needle again!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Sharon! I hope you'll be able to find time to get back to it!