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Book review: 500 Raku

500 Raku: Bold Explorations of a Dynamic Ceramics Technique (500 Series) 

I know nothing about raku, but (as they say) I know what I like when I see it.  And I like raku.  Pretty much all of it.  Until I saw this new Lark Book, 500 Raku, I had no idea the variety of looks that raku artists were achieving.  Naked raku, sprayed glazes, alcohol reductions, ferric chloride, underglazed, wheel-thrown, press-molded...all new terms if you're not familiar with the world of ceramics.  And such beautiful beautiful stuff!

This is an inspiration book.  It does not explain how to do it, or even exactly what raku is, but allows you to glory in the variety of work being done today that both honors tradition and pushes boundaries.  I now know that raku dates back to the late 16th century in Japan.  And I know that I really like it!

How can I pick favorites among so much fabulous work?  I really can't, but Jana Diedrich's fish enchanted me so much I have to share them with you.  You can see lots of her creations on her website link above.   You won't be sorry if you decide to give your non-ceramic brain a little vacation into raku-land...this book is a visual feast.

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Cherie said…
I've never heard of this, but that fish is so beautiful I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for introducing me to this! I always learn something from you.
I love Raku beads too, Cyndi. It looks like a gorgeous book. Thanks for the heads-up.