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Guatemala - day six

Thursday was a big adventure day for the orphanage!  Everyone packed up and left to go visit the Auto Safari in Taxisco, Escuintla, Guatemala.  Nate came out to pick us up at 5:30 am for a 6 am departure from the home.  It's really risky to have the home completely deserted for the day since robberies are so common, but Dave asked the nearest neighbor to come over and have a look around if possible.  Sometimes it's just necessary to take the chance.

So, another Mr Toad's wild ride for 2 1/2 hours to get down to the flatlands nearer to the coast.  Dave drove the van with Deborah and most of the kids.  Micah drove the smaller vehicle with Nate up front and Mike, Lizzie, and I in the back, each with a child on our laps.  Seat belts?  Naaahhh.  I tried really hard not to think too much about it.

It is always much hotter in that region, so we were a little concerned about it.  Fortunately for me, the one who burns, there was available shade for most of the day.  We hooked up with Deborah and Lizzie's sister Esther and her family in the parking lot and planned our strategy.  We visited the "safari" part of the park first, followed by lunch, swimming, ice cream, and a boat ride.  The kids were really well-behaved and had a fabulous time.  They loved all the animals and really enjoyed swimming in a big pool with heated water.  And hotter air than they are used to!

 Mynor and Davey

 Eliud, Danny, and Alan

 Katherine and Nate

 Lizzie with Davey, Jacob, and Mynor

 Josue, Jacob, Davey, Mynor, and Levi


 Josue, Isaac, and Jacob

The ride home was not quite as enjoyable as the ride down, and to be honest, that hadn't been very enjoyable.  At the end of the day, everyone was tired, cranky, miserable with the heat, and sore from being knocked around earlier in the cars.  Would we all do it again if we had it to do over?  In a heartbeat!

Thanks heavens there was leftover soup waiting at home for dinner and no one had to cook anything :-)


 Cashew, out of focus! 
The fruit is covered with oil just like poison ivy.  One fruit yields one nut

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