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Book review: Flavor for Mixed Media

Flavor for Mixed Media: A Feast of Techniques for Texture, Color and Layers 

This is a cute book, but not full of "cute art".  The cute part is that Mary Beth Shaw has filled Flavor for Mixed Media with just that...flavors.  She feels that all art forms are interconnected, even food, and most of her guest artists seem to agree, to the point that they are even willing to share some of their own personal favorite recipes! 

Well, you probably know that I'm going to agree with that.  I don't just write Real Food Fast! for my health, after all!  Art and food, what could possibly be a more logical pairing? 

That doesn't mean that the art is about food though.  No, Mary Beth has tapped artists with a wide variety of styles to serve as inspiration in her book.  She is very generous with her praise of them and points out how each has inspired some aspect of her own work.  The technique portion of her books is divided into sections called color, texture, layers, flavors, and combinations. 

The book is a visual feast (haha), and I think you'll be very pleased with the variety of techniques covered.  Mary Beth also wisely has sidebars in each project called "What's in your pantry" to help you figure out substitutions for "ingredients" that you might not happen to have on hand.  I really appreciate that can get tiresome to read entire books that are designed to get you to buy specific brands and products.  Yay for Mary Beth!

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