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Guatemala - day four

By Tuesday, our fourth day in Guatemala, Mike and I needed to catch up on sleep and take it a little bit easier.  After all, we are quite a bit older than the "kids" that are currently running the home!

 Katherine and Lizzie

Nate, Lizzie, and Katherine joined us after breakfast at the hotel, and hung out for the morning, using the beautiful pool and hot tub with the full blessings of the owner of the Posada.  I enjoyed having an uninterrupted time to talk with Nate about their plans for when they return to the States.  We wrapped it all up and headed out to the house just in time to help with lunch preparations.

 Nate, Mike, Katherine, and Lizzie

After lunch, most of the kids still had school work to do, so I spent the early afternoon reading books to Rosa and Katherine while Mike did everyone the huge favor of sharpening all the knives in the kitchen.  Thank you thank you...what a difference!  By around 3:00 pm, the kids began to finish their school work and were allowed to go swim or play games.

 Lucia and's rough being a teacher in Guatemala!

 Katherine and Rosa

 Diving practice...Saul, Isai, and Jhostin

 Jeamy goes for the high rock dive

Saul follows suit

Saul and Jeamy with Kimber, who got them started on the high dive!

Our original plan for the day was that we would take Nate, Lizzie, and Katherine out to dinner, so I wanted to see if the dinner prep was going to be a problem before we just took off.  Not at all!  Deborah had things well in hand, asking Jeamy, Yelsi, Lucia, and Maria to make tortillas.  The plan was to use up a lot of the left overs with them.


 Jeamy and Lucia

We headed out for dinner with an exhausted Katherine, who fell asleep on the drive to the hotel.  She slept through most of the meal, but was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when she woke up.  Still, early bed for all of us tonight and then hopefully we'll all be caught up! 

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