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Image transfer methods

We've gone over a LOT of different methods for doing image transfers over the several years that I've been with you, and I like to recompile the list every so often. I'll be keeping it updated as we add more!  You can always find the latest list in the sidebar under the heading The Basics.

Polymer medium transfer film

Paper image transfers - plain paper

Paper image transfers - photo paper

Fabric image transfers - t-shirt transfers

Fabric image transfers - transparency transfers

Contact paper transfers (aka Packing tape transfers)

Caulk image transfers

Polaroid image transfers

Digital Polaroid image transfer

Contact printing

New digital ground products from Golden's

Waxed paper transfer 

Tilano Transfer Kit

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MB Shaw said…
Wow, great information. I hope it's ok if I link you up over on my blog.
Cyndi L said…
I'm so glad if some of it will be helpful to you! Sure, link away :-)