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Book review: Craft Corps

Vickie Howell has written a gem of a book here!  Craft Corps celebrates the creative community through stories and profiles.  She has included a wonderful interview with craft pioneer and all-around creative guru Carol Duvall.  I was so happy to see this, because really, what would a book that documents the craft revolution be if it didn't pay homage to those who made it all possible to live this creative life we love?  

Some of my other favorite people are included as well: Margot Potter, Jennifer Perkins, and Cathie Filian...30 craft celebrities in all.  There are also sidebar stories by many other people.  Disclaimer: I'm one of them!  

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Disclaimer, Cyndi? You're way too modest. I have to get this book because it features many of my favorites - including you!
Cyndi L said…
LOL! Seriously Eileen, it doesn't "feature" me...I'm just a teeny little sidebar.