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Book arts techniques

We're crazy about books here...we love everything from altered books to handmade journals. We love making them, decorating them, filling them, and even reading them! I have gathered up a load of links from our archives that cover every aspect of books that we've examined over the years. And I'll be adding more to this list as we go on, and the lastest version will always be over in the sidebar under The Basics

Altered books: waiting for the lightning to strike!

How do I get started?

Who can I talk with about altered books?

Other book arts groups

Books on collage, altered and handmade books, and mixed media

Mixed media arts magazines

Paper and string: the stuff you'll need for book arts

Some fabulous book artists

Assemblage and sculptural books

Sorted books project

Brian Sawyer's bookbinding links

Design ideas for page layouts

Online publishers for your artist books

More book arts resources for your surfing pleasure

Making a crocheted book

How to make a scrapbook wrap

A few tips for making altered book cover frames

A found poem altered book page

Stab-bound scrapbook or journal

Altered books tutorial series

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Cyndi, thank you for the list. What is the pretty image you used? Is that a book you made?
Cyndi L said…
Yes, that's from one of my altered books :-)
Sherri Osborn said…
I enjoyed reading through these links and see all of the amazing pictures!
It's gorgeous. Wish I could reach through the screen and touch it.