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Chainmaille genius

I know that chainmaille isn't just for jewelry.  In fact, it originally wasn't for jewelry at all; it was for...wait for it...protective clothing!  But Chainmailbasket has brought this artform to places that I never envisioned it would go.  

Baskets, wraps, a wall hanging, sculptures, and a chess set.  Yes, a chess set.  And another chess set on the way if you'd like to watching the pieces being added.  

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Red Cat Cards said…
OMG! These are AWESOME !!
BTW, hello and thanks for sharing all those WONDERFUL tutorials you share on this blog =)
Love your blog !! xoxo
Cyndi L said…
Aren't they just amazing?? It makes me want to learn chain maille :-)
Limarea said…
Fantastic art! It's wonderful how peoples mind work :) Are you back safe and sound from the water yet? :D
Cyndi L said…
I love it when people take a technique and think of how many other things they can apply it to. Still on the water, Limar :-)