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Shibori quilt - part four

Time to add a pop of color!  I decided on using the complementary colors to all this blue green, and settled on a nice strong orangey red.  I used some lovely shades of Golden's tube acrylics, diluted well, to make some snow painted fabric (I'll share a tutorial for snow painting later).  I choose a strongly colored piece of the resulting cloth and cut out a circle for the sun.


The reason for using such a diluted method of painting the fabric is that I wanted the hazy look that you get over the mountains.  The sun is rarely more than a glowing smudge in the sky when the clouds and snow spray are obscuring it.

The sun was stitched on with the same "reverse" blanket stitch that I used for the trees.  I mixed a strand of red with a strand of orange embroidery floss to get the exact color I wanted.  Using plain red for a little extra pop, I stitched a couple of stylized cardinals onto two trees. 

Time to start adding beads!

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Limarea said…
It's really very beautiful. That little dash of red makes a huge difference :)
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Limar :-) I am by nature drawn to monochromatics and analogous color schemes, so it's always so exciting to me to see how good it looks to add a complementary color for punch!

I'm really enjoying seeing how this shibori quilt progresses.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Eileen! My memories are being stirred as I work on it :-)
Dolores said…
I love your trees and they remind me of some I made out of corduroy years ago. I haven't attached them to anything yet but they are still somewhere... I like the reverse blanket stitch - never thought of that.
Cyndi L said…
I was planning on using the feather stitch around the outside, but when you do it in a straight line, it starts to look like blanket stitch anyway :-)
Well, Cyndi, I am definitely NOT disappointed, this is gorgeous! What a wonderful piece, I love it!
Ahhh I see the haze. You are right. Looking good.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks guys! And guess what...?

I'm done!!!!
Congratulations Cyndi, Your shibori quilt is awesome. You shared a lot of technique in there. Thanks. The red/orange definitely makes it pop. Is this a keeper?
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Shirley...yes, I've decided that the shibori technique is something I'm going to try again, maybe using a different stitch for variety.

The beads are all sewn on the quilt now and the edging is done, so I'll post it soon :-)