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Question of the month: What's on your worktable?

I always clean off my table at the end of the year...more often if it's really necessary :-)  After I did the deed the other day, I realized that I should have taken a picture of THE BIG MESS first.  Everything is relatively tame now, so I've got to put out the call to all of you:  I double dog dare you to be brave enough to send me a shot of your worktable...without cleaning it off first!

Two years ago, Stephie Hall of Princess Jewellry sent me the picture above.  I was in awe!  Even though there's a lot of stuff on the table, it all seems pretty well organized.  Way to go, Stephie!

So come on, be brave.  Send us a picture.  Tell us a little about how you work, or let the picture speak for itself!  Send all entries to cyndi @ (remove the spaces) and use the subject line "Art Worktable". I'll post them as they come in, with links you, your site or blog.

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How fun! Oddly enough, I just took some pics of my messy worktable to share with a friend about my creative process yesterday. I'll send it over your way this afternoon. :)