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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Results: What's on your work table?

I received this great picture yesterday from Geneviève Crabe who owns Amaryllis Creations, showing the current project on her work table! 

Here is my work table today, I'm working on a framable bead embroidery piece. The centerpiece is one of my first attempts at polymer clay.

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Genevieve said...

By the way, I found a cool frame for small mixed media pieces. It's actually a mirror from Ikea.
It's only $3.99 in Canada (probably less in the U.S.). The wood frame is 10-1/4 inches square, and the recessed mirror is about 3-3/4 inches square, perfect for gluing a small art piece. Plus, you can paint the frame itself if you wish.

Cyndi L said...

Wow, isn't that cute! I really like it in red.

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