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Nikki Yeager's glue transfer technique

Nikki left me a comment recently, and in it she outlined a glue transfer technique that she uses.  Thanks so much for sharing this, Nikki!

She wrote:
I use some of those transfer techniques myself, thanks so much for posting them! It's really hard to find image transfer information by googling :(

Oh, and I know we talked a while back when you posted on of my pictures...just thought I'd let you know I'm finally doing prints of my pieces.

If anyone is curious I do a glue transfer technique:

1. use design markers to draw an image on acetate
2. coat a pictureor painting with elmer's glue
3. flatten the acetate (marker side down) onto the elmer's glue.
4. Let it dry and then pull the acetate off. The ink will stay on top of your image or canvas.

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I love the image; but does it use the technique which Nikki describes?

I'm having a hard time discerning where the transferred art ends and Nikki's art begins.
Cyndi L said…
I think it probably does, judging from the looks of it.
Nikki Yeager said…
Hey guys!!! Sorry for being MIA the last few days.

First of all, thank you for featuring my comment :) I really appreciate you posting the link to my prints and I'll definitely link to it from my blog/site :)

Eileen, yes this is a glue transfer technique. The background is an image of a city and then I drew the female using design markers and transferred her using the glue transfer. She seems to be a favorite but if you want to see some of my others you can look at (the coffee cups are also glue transfers).
Hardaker said…
Love the transfer! I am not familiar with the Design Markers. Are they a name brand? Are there other markers that will work equally as well?
Cyndi L said…
I think it's just a category of markers, rather than a specific brand. Make sure they're intended for art, not some funky industrial usage!