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Book review: Altered You!

Altered You!
by Karin Buckingham

This book is adorable! Instead of buying all new clothes, help your teen (and yourself) to learn the joy of self-expression that comes through altering! Many of the materials needed for these projects are already hanging in the closet or sitting on your craft shelf. Many more can be found at the thrift shop. But it doesn’t end with clothing…oh no, there are projects to alter your stuff and your space as well :-)

Bored with that book bag? Tired of that tee? Sick of that skirt? Alter them! This book shows tween and teen girls how to alter clothing, accessories, and room decorations to create great new looks with only the simplest sewing and crafting. Projects include converting jeans to capris, changing tanks to tees, making sweatshirts into shrugs—even turning jewelry into window art. Eighteen projects are shown before and after, with easy instructions and step-by-step photos. Basic sewing directions, supply lists, resources, and more make this the book that magically transforms dull old stuff into dazzling new stuff!

In about 20 seconds, I made these adorable buttonhole snaps. You can wear them snapped through strands of your hair too. Two-part epoxy adhesive, oversized snaps, and buttons with shanks snipped off. That’s it!

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Karin said…
Thanks for the book review! I love the elegant snaps you made. Iwear a similar one through the top button hole of a casual jacket. Love your blog, too!
Karin Buckingham
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Karin! I gave a copy of this book to a friend's early teen niece, and she has gone to town with it :-)