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How to turn people off


Charley Parker has a brilliant post on how you should design your website if you want to insure that you never sell any work. Written tongue firmly in cheek, Charley cuts to the heart of several of my personal pet-peeves. But then he turns around and mentions a few things that I have been guilty of doing…ouch! The post is a great learning experience.

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Wow - yes! Great article and I've been guilty of some of them too.

On one point I have to think a bit more. I like to have links open up in another window. I can go check something out and never lose my original place. Sometimes when I start following links, I get distracted and end up several sites away from the starting point.

Is that a right brain thing? Do non-artists prefer everything in one window? I know my DH does and he's very right-brained.

I'm interested in what you think, Cyndi. Or maybe a poll would be interesting.