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Who can I talk with about Altered Books?

OK, so now you’re hooked on the idea…who is out there that you can talk with? You know that most people nearby will think you’re nuts, but rest assured, there are plenty of others out there who understand your new obsession!

Yahoo Group: Altered Books
This group exchanges information, ideas, tips, and techniques about altered books. An incredible treasure trove of information is kept in archived files.

Delphi Forum: Mixed Media Art
All types of altered art are discussed in this friendly forum.

Wet Canvas: Mixed Media Forum
Altered books and other mixed media art forms are discussed, critiqued, and taught here.

International Society of Altered Book Artists. Yes, there is a professional association for this art form!

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Limarea said…
Great resources, thank you =) And I have a question for you. Maybe it's a silly one, but I'm really curious. What's with all the pointy hats in mixed media art? Do they stand for something specific? I have googled it but didn't find an answer. And what's zetti-style? That's two questions. Sorry =D
Cyndi L said…
I don't know who started the trend of the pointy "dunce" hats, but it was probably cute when it was done the first few times. Then *everybody* started doing it. Now everyone screams about how much they hate the pointy hats, but folks keep using them.

Zetti style was popularized by Teesha Moore, and it's anything whimsical, lighthearted, with a funny hat :-)
Limarea said…
Thank you for the enlightenment. Now I can forget about the hats =D Never understood that anyway =)
Cyndi L said…
Don't do anything that you see others doing unless it really speaks to you personally. There aren't any "rules" when it comes to expressing yourself through mixed media art, so it would be really cool if YOU were to come up with the next trend! :-)