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Altered books: how do I get started?

“What’s this all about and how do I get started?”

Glad you asked! Here are some great sites to give you more than you need to plunge into this exciting art form:

Techniques Book
Jennifer Minnis gives a great tutorial on how to get started in altered books ~ by creating a “techniques book”. Be sure to look at all of Jen’s great art, too.

The Altered Book
June Campbell’s site where she pulls together all the resources she wished she’d had in one place when she was first getting started.

The Creativity Portal
How to get started with altered books and other forms of altered art.

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Limar said…
TY TY TY! This was EXACTLY what I needed =D Unfortunately I couldn't get access to the last two, but it's maybe my computer that's making trouble =) Ps Nice interview. Love your art =)
Cyndi L said…
Oh crud! It's not you...those last two have gone missing. Bummer.

Thanks so much for your nice note!
Cyndi L said…
I've replaced the bad links with another one that I had stuck away in a folder :-)