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Vintage Hardware in Oregon

The last time we went to visit with Dani in Portland Oregon, we ended up taking a (long) day trip out to Astoria.  Top of Dani's and my list was to visit Vintage Hardware.  It was even more fun than I expected it to be.  Aisles and aisles that you can twist and turn and get lost in, but not so big that you despair over missing something important.  Although I didn't have an exact goal in mind, I quickly settled on looking through some wonderful old hinges that had a great patina.

The lovely lady in the shot above showed me a few additional spots that had more hinges.  She didn't want me to take her picture at first since she isn't the owner, but hey!  She gets the credit for helping me find what I was after :-)  If you ever within several hours drive of Astoria, you must must must go visit them!

I've got a couple of ideas in mind for these.  One obvious use would be to include one or more in an altered book or handmade book.   But I also know that I want to use some of them for mixed media bead embroidery, perhaps as a replacement for a bail.  As soon as some of my current projects near completion, I'll be thinking more about this!

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back.roads said…
I enjoyed the article on your visit to Vintage Hardware. The "lovely lady" in your photo is my sister. She is indeed lovely, both inside and out. And very fortunate to be working at VH. :-)
Cyndi L said…
She was soooo kind and helpful! I've recommended a road trip to VH to everyone I know :-)
back.roads said…
And what a fun road trip it is! :-)
We had an old fashioned hardware store like that in Morris Plains, NJ. I wonder if it's still there - that was 16 years ago. I could spend hours just wandering and finding little lost gems. I know you'll have fun with your finds, Cyndi.

If I ever get to Portland (we do have friends there!), Vintage Hardware is on my to-do list.