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Katherine crafts - making a faerie princess crown

The second project that I got to do with Katherine this summer was to show her how to make a crown fit for a faerie princess.  Can you imagine this crown in other fabrics?  If you've got a real princess-lover in your family, you could easily make one of these to match practically every special outfit.

1. I brought along a lace shirt to recycle into this crown.  The first step was to find a tupperware dish that fit on Katherine's head.  I wrapped the bowl in waxed paper and then cut a strip off the bottom of the shirt that was long enough to slightly overlap around the dish.

2. We soaked the lace with fabric glue, using a sponge brush.  You could also use a fabric stiffener, it's not really a very fussy project.  I used a binder clip to hold the ends in place.

3. After letting it overnight, we removed it from the bowl and adjusted the overlap to fit Katherine perfectly.

4. I stitched up the seam to reinforce it.  The glue was holding it together alright, but I figured it could pull apart pretty easily.

5.  Katherine enjoyed decorating the crown with markers and glitter glue!

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Well, that was simple.. now I want one!
Cyndi L said…
Oh yeah...EVERY girl should have at least one!